Personal Family Consulting

I work with the whole family system to achieve a more calm, growth-oriented household. An environment of safety, unconditional love and acceptance at home is the foundation for how our children experience themselves in the world.

Parent Empowerment

Be empowered as a parent.

As you shift your perspective to one of always assuming competence in your neurodivergent child, you will be inspired by what you discover.

Knowing better means doing better.

Growth Isn't Easy

No one says this will be easy. Growth never is.
Your journey as a a human being, is just that...a journey. There is no real end destination.

Instead we have many, many moments along the way; choices we get to make, and opportunities we can leave...or take. These moments are what gives meaning to our lives. Sometimes we need to work harder, learn more, and be brave enough to deviate further from what we know or are comfortable with, to find the most beautiful moments.

Your journey of growth with your child will be challenging, but the reward will always be worth it.

I Can Help

I can help you see how neurodivergent communication is relevant and how accounting for sensory differences allows your child to be their own unique human.

I can help you to prepare your child for the dynamic world we live in, while respecting their unique neurological differences. We address only what is necessary to inspire growth, dynamic thinking, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and self-acceptance.

The Frameworks
Used in My Practice

Although every family situation is different, the approach I use is based in the following intervention methods and therapeutic frameworks.
Relationship Development Intervention™

RDI™ is the most comprehensive and expansive developmental and relationship-based approach to Autism.

The approach is a family systems approach and places the parents, as the guides to their children, at the centre of the work. We as parents already have what it takes to guide our children through this life.

With a little help from science, autistic adults and pro-neurodiversity therapeutic models and therapists, we learn how to adjust our own way of interacting, guiding, teaching, communicating, so we can meet our children where they are at.

We need to adjust our expectations in terms of what learning, communication, and being in this world is ‘supposed’ to look like. Our neurodiverse children and communities are helping us to understand that there are different ways of seeing and being. We respect the human rights and dignity of disabled people.

As your family’s RDI consultant I would guide you on a journey of learning about Autism, neurodiversity and what the most up to date research tells us about the brain and child development.

I will work with you to apply this to your own family and bring you to an understanding of both your and your child’s main obstacles.

Through this process you are considered the expert on your child(ren) and your family and will be empowered to create a better quality of life for the family, and set your child up to be a dynamic thinker in his/her own right, in a way that makes sense to them and doesn’t compromise their true neurodiverse identity.
DIR Floortime™

DIR Floortime™ is a strong relationship based approach where the relationship and emotional connection in the parent-child relationship is central.

I am a basic practitioner of Stanley Greenspan’s DIR (Development – Individual differences – Relationship) Floortime approach.

In this strong relationship based approach the relationship and emotional connection (affect) in the parent-child relationship is central, as we know that children learn through relationships. Finding the emotional connection in the interaction between parents is key, while at the same time really looking at each child’s individual processing differences.

This approach places a significant emphasis on a child’s unique profile through considering things such as their sensory needs and other processing differences that impact a child’s ability to stay regulated in interactions.

It lends itself to multi-disciplinary working, as our kids often have complex challenges and these can’t be ignored for their impact on the bigger picture.
Dr. Stuart Shanker's Self-Reg™

A ground-breaking approach in understanding the impact of stress on children’s and parents’ ability to self-regulate.

Self-Reg™  is based on neuroscientific research and findings and offers a sound approach to helping all children and adults understand their own stressors, the impact they might have and also their own coping/soothing mechanisms to achieve a more regulated and calm state.

It is an approach that really is an ongoing, lifelong process of empowering both parents and kids with knowledge and self-awareness that, when applied, achieves a much calmer and happier state of being. Through the process of practicing the 5-step self-reg method we also benefit from gaining increased empathy for ourselves and others.

As a certified Self-reg practitioner, I will help you become proficient at applying this 5-step Self-reg process to your and your family members’ lives to achieve a more regulated state for all of you. From a calm, focused and alert place, we are capable of learning and connecting, and achieving happiness and fulfillment.

What to Expect

Here's what my standard process looks like when I work with families. Each family is different though, so we can make adjustments so that it works for you and your family.

Initial Consultation

Our first step is to set up an initial consultation to learn more about where you are now and what you're looking for from me. I'll explain my process in more detail and we can figure out if we're a good fit for embarking on this personal journey together.

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Bi-Monthly Meetings

During bi-monthly meetings we focus on a number of topics to empower you as a parent. You will learn so much about the neuroscience and child development as it applies to your child and situation. You will have some time to be introspective and delve into your own process and its impact on your own well-being, your child, and relationships in the family as a whole. We actively work on goals identified from the assessment. The process is dynamic and moves and changes as your family grows and moves through life.


A baseline assessment helps me to see where things are at in your relationship with your child. I provide you with a few simple activities and observe you and you child in action. This is not an autism assessment! It is our baseline to determine where our focus needs to be in our work moving forward.

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