Tanya Kemp
MA (Psy), B. Soc.Sc

Autism and Neurodiversity Consulting

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I work with Parents and Educators to remove obstacles for Autistic children so they can reach their full potential and achieve the best quality of life possible.

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All of my work is grounded in these Core Philosophies.

My Core Pilosophies

Honour Neurodiversity First.

Neurodiversity enriches human kind. We all have unique contributions to make regardless of how we read, learn, process, think, feel or socialise. In light of this, my approach is strengths-based.
Neurodivergent individuals may have significant challenges in a world that is 'built' primarily to accommodate neurotypical people. In light of this, we all have a responsibility to understand neurodivergent individuals' unique experience and seek to learn from, respect, support and accommodate differences.

A Parent is Their Child's Best Guide.

Parents are the most impactful and influential people in their children's lives. In my family -centred practice, I consider all members of the family, so these primary relationships are safe, nurturing and growth -promoting. We are raising children to live in a world that we may not recognise a few decades from now. We need to raise thinkers, problem-solvers and children who know who they are and the unique gifts they bring to the world.

The Behaviour We See, is Merely the Tip of the Iceberg.

Difficult behaviours always is our first indication that a child is struggling. Underneath these stress behaviours lie pain, confusion, anxiety, fear and a host of challenges, that would probably break our hearts if we knew about them all. I encourage soft eyes on tough behaviours so they can be an avenue to connection, understanding, and true support where it is needed.
I'll help you understand your child's differences and help you adapt so you can meet them where they are at and foster their growth and learning in an environment in which they feel safe and accepted as they are.
For Parents

Working Directly With Families

My primary role is working one-on-one as a consultant to parents. We work together using the following frameworks:
Self Reg:  A ground-breaking approach in understanding the impact of stress on children’s and parents’ ability to self-regulate, and embarking on a journey to understand and regulate our own stress and restoration.
Relationship Development Intervention:  RDI is the most comprehensive and expansive developmental and relationship-based approach to Autism.
DIR Floortime: In this strong relationship/developmental approach, the relationship and emotional connection in the parent-child relationship is central to growth and learning.
Ross Greene’s Collaborative Problem-Solving Model: Children do well when they can. When children have trouble meeting expectations, it is most productive to understand what obstacles they have, developmentally, which makes it hard for them to meet those expectations. By collaborating with the child, we learn so much more about their experience and give them a voice in solving problems.
My practice is further informed by Polyvagal Theory, the Neurobiology of Trauma, and connected/attachment parenting approaches.
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For Parents

Navigation after Diagnosis

You received a diagnosis for your child...but now what?
Navigating information and associated services after diagnosis can be very overwhelming. In fact, the entire diagnostic process is often traumatic for parents.   

I can help you navigate the system in those early days. We can break it down into manageable pieces and I can guide you to think about that which is most necessary for your child.

We often feel compelled to do ‘everything’ or as much as possible…and this is often not productive. With a bit of guidance you can arrange priorities and gain perspective so you can feel in control, and certain about the path you are taking for your whole family.
For Parents

Group Training for Parents

I often run group training programs for parents on a number of topics. Check the calendar below for upcoming events.

Online Workshops

I periodically run parent group training sessions for parents who aren’t yet in a position to commit to a full-time family consultation program.
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The program consists of six weekly sessions of 2 hours with a group of a maximum of 6 participants. We cover topics such as Autism Neurology, Communication, Limit setting, Growth Seeking Motivation and Agency, Relationship Foundations; Stress and Self-Reg. It also includes one initial and one post course one-on–one consultation with me, and two video analyses – one prior to starting the course and one following the last session.

Self-Care Days

I periodically host parental self-care days in restorative and beautiful spaces in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
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The day focuses on rest, relaxation and learning about your own needs when it comes to replenish and reset. Your well-being is as important as ever other member of your family, and sometimes we need to dig deep to even know how we can help ourselves.

Support Group via Zoom

I periodically run parent support group meetings via Zoom.
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This allows you to connect with other parents with children in similar situations as you, from the comfort of your own home. This group is lead by the needs of the participants and topics are agreed upon in consultation with group members.
For Parents

School Advocacy and IEP support

Assisting our children navigate the difficulties they encounter at school can be one of the most stressful parts of raising an autistic. Yet advocating for your child in school is a critical piece in their development of a strong autistic/neurodivergent identity. 

This is where I can help.

I offer support to parents for some pro-neurodiversity input in your child’s IEP. Navigating your child’s education can be a really big challenge and schools often revert to setting goals that don’t necessarily allow your child to be their true selves or to learn in a way that makes sense to them.

I'm working towards ending ableist assumptions & beliefs in schools.

For Educators and Professionals

Group Training for Professionals

I offer group training workshops at the workplace for professionals working with Autistic individuals.

School Pro-D Training Sessions

I deliver Professional Day trainings at schools to assist staff to understand the autism neurology in particular, and to guide staff in productive practices that avoid trauma to neurodivergent students.

School staff often need help in day-to-day strategies to help them address the ‘why’ of behaviours, and to account for and be sensitive to alternative communication, and sensory processing differences.
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Professional Group Training Workshops

I offer group training workshops for professionals, such as ECE’s, speech and language pathologists, Occupational Therapists and others working with children with Autism.
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In these training workshops I aim to help participants understand the true neurology of Autism and link this knowledge to day-to- day life for Autistics and those who work with them. A clear understanding of the neurological differences underlying the behaviours we often associate with Autism increases our ability to respond empathically. It also helps us to tailor our responses so they are meaningful in order to create real growth opportunities.

The course has a particular emphasis on relationships and its influence on development. The practical strategies in the course focus on communication, strategies to foster independent Autistic thinkers and there is also a focus on sensory processing and its impact on the child through the stress that it creates for the child.
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Tanya Kemp

About Me

I have worked in various settings, always with the aim of helping vulnerable people. I found my 'home' when I started working with Parents of Autistic Children.

I hold a Masters degree in Psychology and a B.Soc.Sc in Social Work. I am a certified RDI Consultant, DIR Floortime Practitioner and Self-Reg Consultant.

I believe very strongly in the progressiveness of approaching Autism from a pro-neurodiversity point of view. I integrate the real science with the guidance from autistic self-advocates, to develop and advocate truly meaningful support for autistic people.
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Some Feedback From Current Clients

"Tanya is the only one person in our ASD journey who actually ‘really gets it’.
She is kind, understanding and supportive. We can talk to her about anything without the fear of being judged. We are very lucky to have found her as our RDI consultant, a friend and a confidante."

DK - Researcher and mother of an Autistic Child

"My personal experience with Tanya has been nothing short of amazing.
She is thorough, reliable and extremely warm and easy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our family has profited greatly since we’ve been practicing the world of RDI with Tanya as our guide."

LR – Realtor and mother of a child with ASD

Tanya is the only one person in our ASD journey who actually ‘really gets it’.
She is kind, understanding and supportive. We can talk to her about anything without the fear of being judged. We are very lucky to have found her as our RDI consultant, a friend and a confidante.

DK - Researcher and mother of an Autistic Child

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