Simple steps to Improve home and sibling relationships

Tanya Kemp
This is a short post to spotlight some small but impactful things we can do on an ongoing basis to try to keep our children connected – to self and others - and regulated enough to engage meaningfully in their family relationships.

Some of the most basic preventative maintenance steps you can take:

Always remember that kids can pivot – at any point, they can turn things around. Don’t get stuck into an idea of ‘this is just how it is’. Keep treating your kids like the kids you know they are and will become. 

Action Points:

Revisit the schedule yet again. How are these preventative maintenance steps finding their way into the schedule?


Conversation Starter – Share one thought about each of your children that brings a smile to your face.


Let Your Mind be Light

What weight are you carrying today?

What might you do to leave it behind you?

Write a kind message to yourself